Clock Number 5 - French Double Pendulum Regulator

Clock Number 5 – French Double Pendulum Regulator

A current project by Buchanan, this majestic regulator will be offered for sale on completion. Buchanan has always admired and acknowledged the beauty and finesse of the French clock makers and decided to produce a clock that would embody this admiration and respect and therefore this clock is modelled after Abraham Louis Breguet’s double pendulum regulator belonging to the royal collection in England.   Buchanan seeks to show that the skills that were used to create the regulator sold to King George IV, in 1825, are still alive at Buchanan.

Nothing has been bypassed on this clock. Even the fire box which Buchanan believes was used for temperature calibrating the pendulum and possibly maintaining a constant temperature within the case has been included.

Once again Buchanan has gone to extraordinary lengths to make sure that the build of this clock is traditional in every way.

A few photographs give a vestige of what is to follow.

This clock is in the final stages of completion with a target of completion by the end of 2015.

The brass case decorations were sent to Germany where they were Mercury Gilded by the skillfull hands of Dirk Meyer of the Fire Gilding Studio in Maierhöfen. These parts have now returned to Australia and the Case is being reassembled.

Buchanan has chosen to work with Precision Plating in Melbourne for the final gold plating of the internal case parts and the movements and is slated for the middle of October. Gold plating is employed because it has no match when polished metal needs to be protected and maintained without a blemish for many years. Buchanan has specified a particular gold solution be used in the plating process which produces a finish which is very close to that of highly polished brass which is important as traditionally clock movements the brass parts were polished and then either left or a lacquer applied which over time decays and oxidization of the polished surface begins.

Assembly of mercury guilded case decoration